Manufacturing Operations Management Talk

George Gemeinhardt

November 18, 2022

Whether running a large or small operation, manufacturing operations management (MOM) is a key tool to help you streamline your business processes and increase productivity. From implementing best practices to keeping up with the latest regulatory requirements, there are a variety of MOM talk topics you can use to learn more.

Principles of operations management

Managing operations in manufacturing is a crucial function that can lead to success. It can also help your business compete in a market where changes are constantly occurring. It also increases employee engagement and improves overall productivity.

You need to maintain discipline and consistency to run an efficient manufacturing operation. It is also important to keep track of goals and check whether they have been met. You also need to ensure that your inventory data is accurate.

To be successful in operations management, you need to understand the root causes of your problems. It would help if you also learned more about your competitors and your customers’ expectations. You can also get fresh ideas by listening to your employees.

Analyzing operations

Using advanced analytics tools can boost a company’s manufacturing operations. Having access to real-time data can reveal how the system is performing, as well as fault causes and remedy suggestions. It can also make operators accountable for their actions.

Advanced analytics can improve the efficiency of the entire manufacturing operation. It can help companies determine how best to allocate their resources and optimize the utilization of individual assets.

However, it is important to make sure that the data is presented in a way that is understandable to non-analytical users. Analytics can only be effective when they are integrated into the operations.

A Pareto chart can help companies understand how downtime is occurring. It can also reveal insights into the upkeep of machines, as well as training and other areas of improvement.

Increasing efficiency

Increasing efficiency in manufacturing operations management requires a commitment to learning and continuous improvement. It also requires a focus on a broad range of strategies, processes and techniques. These include efficient routing, quality control, resource utilization and product optimization.

A good example of the above is the Six Sigma measure. The Six Sigma measure is a statistically based process that includes measuring the size of defects in a million outputs. The Six Sigma measure involves minimizing the number of defects and deficits in the manufacturing process.

The BAM dashboard is a great way to get a quick grasp of a business’s performance. A BAM dashboard can give a business a high-level overview of its financial status and provide the key performance indicators needed for effective decision-making.

Protecting your company from potential government fines and regulatory requirements

Keeping your business at the helm of the crowd is no small feat, especially if you are operating in the cloud. The competition is stiff enough to make you wonder why you decided to take the leap in the first place. The best way to cope with this challenge is to hire the best and brightest. Hopefully, you will be in a class of your own. It’s no secret that your employees have the best interest of your company in mind. Keeping them happy is the best way to stay ahead of the pack. You can’t just fire them out the door, and you must provide a suitable workspace for them to do their thing. Keeping them happy also means that you must do your share of the work.

Medical device manufacturers need a MOM system

Using a manufacturing operations management (MOM) system is important for medical device manufacturers. Using an established, modern system can improve the agility of the business during disruptive times.

Having a MOM system can increase efficiencies, reduce waste, improve compliance, and provide more visibility into the production process. Manufacturers with a MOM system can better assess capacity analysis and make better decisions about inventory and advanced planning. The system can also decrease the risk of fines.

A MOM system can also improve employee performance. By giving employees access to important information, they will be better able to make decisions and respond to changes in the market. It also encourages better information sharing and collaboration amongst departments.

Sophisticated manufacturing management systems can measure and analyze quality, speed, and overall labour performance. They also provide complete visibility into the production process.