About Me

George Gemeinhardt is an accomplished retired Manufacturing Manager currently residing in Northfield, IL. His contributions to the manufacturing field have spanned the scope of domestic boundaries in addition to key expansions with vendors and relationships south of the US border. George has lived the American dream thousand times over, evident in his career, education, faith, and community involvement. No matter where George Gemeinhardt goes, he enriches the lives of those around him with his experience, knowledge, and wisdom. He has since taken a step back from his successful career to pursue more personal hobbies and finally get to spend time with his friends, family, and loved ones.

Family and Education

George Gemeinhardt was first brought into the world in 1954. A Chicago native, from an early age, he was instilled with the confidence necessary to go out and become a successful person, even if he started from humble beginnings. He attended local schools throughout the area and fell in love with the state of Illinois and what the community had to offer. When he was at a young age, he decided that he would attend Lane Tech preparatory college, which has been recognized as a blue ribbon school, responsible for creating various programs that give young adolescents the tools necessary to become successful.

During his time at Lane Tech, he would benefit from the same curriculum that would go on today to become the LTC, Alpha, and Omega programs - all of which have a lot of information regarding all of today's industries. Lane Tech also would go on to prepare him for his love and rigorous attendance of musical classes due to their expanded and stressed importance of extra-curricular activities. Lane Tech is also home to one of the best athletic programs within Illinois - participating at freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity levels.

While it is true that George Gemeinhardt would go on to become accomplished and lauded professional within the manufacturing industry, his love of music, further fueled by his family and the unique experiences he had at Lane Tech, Gemeinhardt decided that he would continue to stay in Chicago to get a professional education that would teach him more about musical knowledge and practical instrument experience. He attended Roosevelt University's Chicago Musical College right after his graduation from Lane Tech in 1972, receiving the John Philip Sousa Band award for his outstanding leadership and musical performance within Lane Tech's official band.

The Musical College at Roosevelt is again one of the best programs within Illinois and Chicago itself. The intensive musical training learned through the undergraduate program would teach George Gemeinhardt the importance of music theory and other skills, such as classical instrument history, woodwind skills, weekly voice lessons, and the love of the arts were, and still are, one of the main focal points throughout the curriculum. The arts program was also available for musical theater and acting classes, although George Gemeinhardt honed his craft and would spend most of his time perfecting his musical ear in the flute and clarinet.

His performance would go on to win him the Merit Award Scholarship for the entirety of the 4 years of his undergraduate program. He would graduate a few months later, in 1977.

Career and Accomplishments

Although his love of music flourished, there weren't too many opportunities at the time for a young man in Chicago to get a lot of work in the music industry. Although he gave his best effort, Gemeinhardt decided that it would be best to pursue a career in a more traditional field in order to start earning a decent income and become successful and independent.

George was not easily swayed by many of the job ads. However, he would find a unique opportunity at NN Inc., which is still an extremely successful organization today. NN Inc. leads the world as a diversified industrial manufacturer of the highest grade precision assemblies in both metal and plastic components. George would select this as the company to grow up with, as they rewarded his loyalty and moved him up the management ranks in a short amount of time. NN Inc combines advanced engineering and other capabilities of production, and its value statement revolves around producing extremely high-quality products that are precise in their measurements and effectiveness.

What started as a purely domestic leader went on to acquire other key players in the industry, and currently, NN Inc. employs more than 3300 individuals in both American continents, Europe, and the business centers of Asia.

Gemeinhardt successfully completed the extremely important level 3 program, which combined years of expertise within the industry with the knowledge necessary to pass stringent examinations. The 6-week program is intensive and combines many lean principles, including Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Total Productive Maintenance. George was integral during NN's acquisition of V-S industries and also helped to establish two off-site consignment warehouses in support of various fortune 500 clients with manufacturing plants in North Carolina and Mexico.

Faith and Charity

George Gemeinhardt is a man of faith and has contributed to Holy Comforter Church for the past 12 years. He is an active member of the parish and regularly attends services to hear the word of Christ. He is deeply involved with his community outreach programs as well, as he has been a staunch supporter of the Aroo Basset rescue for the past 15 years. During his free time, you can find Gemeinhardt volunteering his time and resources at Just Harvest Community Outreach Center, as he has been doing this since 2007 to help out the less fortunate in Illinois.


Of course, George is a lover of the musical arts and still continues to practice today. While he is disciplined and knowledgeable about many different instruments, he regularly plays his clarinet, saxophone, and flute to help ward off a stressful day. He is a great chef and lover of good food, making him one of the best volunteers in the aforementioned Just Harvest program. Finally, George loves to ride his Harley Davidson Motorcycle.


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